If Corey Feldman is taking his music seriously, he and his band—five women about half Feldman's age, playing guitar, bass, drums and, occasionally, fiddle, dressed in skimpy outfits—are bad.

During their hour-long set at Dante's on June 18—which mixed stuff off his new album, older originals and oldies covers—only the guitar player and the drummer were even audible. There's also the fact that Feldman and his angels were not even the headliner, but the opening act for the weekly Sinferno Cabaret burlesque show, which Feldman complained about onstage.

But given that the somehow-around-the-block-line had mixed into the stragglers from Pride, Feldman's performance was comprehensible from another perspective. As kitsch, wherein hilarity and outrageousness are the only virtues, Feldman is an incredible performer. That he covered "Stand By Me" and "Tutti Frutti" is novel. That his guitarist took a solo that segued from "Seven Nation Army" to "Rock You Like A Hurricane" to "Sunshine of Your Love" to "Smoke on the Water" to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to "Crazy Train" to "Cowboys From Hell" to "Enter Sandman" to "Symphony of Destruction" before ending in "Eruption" is exceptional.

It's easy to forget in other parts of town, but Feldman played in Old Town, where it's hard to forget that fun is the point. And Sunday night, Feldman brought it in spades.

All photos by Henry Cromett.