Years DJing: I started collecting records in 2009 or so and have been DJing for roughly seven years. I've been managing a small record label called Ausland Schläge for four years. We initially released music on cassette tapes and after a few years began pressing vinyl records.

Genre: When preparing a set, I don't focus too much on genres but rather find records that share common influences. However, as almost anyone will tell you, I'm very fond of a style of music based in, but not limited to, Scandinavia called "skweee." The fun thing about skweee music is that it isn't style specific. It tends to span multiple genres—dancehall, minimal, electro, funk, R&B, manele and various Middle Eastern, North African and South American influences.

Where you can catch me regularly: I have been hosting First Fridays at Moloko bar for roughly four years.

Craziest gig: I'm not to fond of craziness when it comes to social events, but we were fortunate enough to bring over our good friend Beem from Sweden and host a two-day event pairing with Control Voltage and the late Groove Suite. They are truly wonderful people, and having the chance to host their first visit to Portland was quite the treat. Besides that, I once played a pop-up set outside from 11 pm-3 am downtown in the Ankeny Alley until the fuzz showed up.

My go-to records: Baba Stiltz, "Palats/Crypt"; Beem, "Sings With His Hands"; Markis Sage, "Percelles Lens/Mutant Love Triangle"; Daniel Savio, "Nekropolis."

Don't ever ask me to play: I often get asked to play hip-hop, which I don't mind at all. But when I serve up a selection that isn't American hip-hop, people tend to be disappointed. Just because you might not understand the language that is being spoken doesn't mean that the message isn't important. If they are persistent I'll throw on some Ice-T remixes by Daniel Savio or some mid-'80s electro-funk.

NEXT SHOW: Frankeee B spins at Moloko, 3967 N Mississippi Ave., on Friday, Sept. 1. 9 pm. Free. 21+.