If you want Vietnamese fish sauce wings from Pok Pok delivered to your house or office, you're in luck: Uber is launching its UberEATS app in Portland for the first time.

The app, which is already offered in over 50 cities, became available at 10 am and will allow Uber customers to order food from over 100 Portland restaurants including Ecliptic, Deschutes Brewery and yes, Pok Pok Noi. Uber's $3.99 delivery fee is added to all purchases.

"We've had overwhelming enthusiasm from our restaurant partners," says Uber's Pacific Northwest communications manager Nathan Hambley. He also adds that UberEATS wants to expand its Portland operation. "We hope to continue growing," he says.

UberEATS joins a glut of restaurant-delivery startups that have operated in Portland over the past year: Caviar, Postmates, GrubHub and Amazon PrimeNow.

While Hambley is optimistic about the future of UberEATS in Portland, the app is being launched at what could be viewed as a polarizing time for the company in this city.

On the one hand, Uber recently received some heartening news when a Portland judge ruled that the company's "trade secrets" would be protected from disclosure. On the other hand, a KGW story about a Portland man whose Uber account was hijacked raised questions about the company's security.

Of course betting against UberEATS is probably a mistake. It's not wise to underestimate an app that was launched in Taiwan in defiance of legal difficulties with the Taiwanese government.