Here's what readers said about seven major development projects that could radically alter Portland in coming years ("Newer Portland," WW, Aug. 2, 2017).

Debinpdx, via "When places like cities don't grow, they die. It's better to have a responsible plan than to do things halfway or not responsibly. Portland's growth is inevitable. It's just a fact."

Chris Elliott, via "'A mini Silicon Valley.' There is nothing appealing about that goal. Have you been to Silicon Valley? A concrete, unaffordable, overcrowded mess. And the proposed changes to the Ankeny Blocks are heartbreaking, destroying some of the heart of old Portland."

Pdan, in response: "Yes, nothing good has ever come out of Silicon Valley. Definitely not the device and software you used to type this comment."

Deb O'Naire, via "I miss the days when Portland consisted of people who didn't 'need' a big, new skyscraper phallus to feel good about themselves. Portland had better human beings back then. 2010."

Damon, in response: "Come on, admit it. Old Portland sucked. It was seedy, dirty, economically lousy, and perpetually depressed. Some are still stuck in that mindset. What was will never be again. Get over the change that comes with time."

OregonJelly, via "All of these discussions are built upon the unspoken assumption that growth is inherently good. While I am not anti-development, I do have a problem with the idea that another building, another bridge, another road is, in itself, providing any tangible benefit to the residents of a city."

Michael Andersen, in response: "What's the alternative? If we don't accommodate growth, then we (a) get more car traffic from the suburbs instead of more riders for our transit system and (b) displace our poorest residents because rich people show up anyway and are able to bid poorer folks out of the homes that used to be theirs."

Seethinksay, via Reddit: "WW misses the big in promoting the small. The Forest Park portal is too far out. They missed the development of Sandy, Esco, future 82nd, the gentrification of Old Town, outer Northeast gentrification, soon to come to outer Southeast, Barbur and the MAX…on and on."

Guard Lance Boyles, via Facebook: "Just leave the old houses alone and nobody gets hurt."

Naomi Ellis, via Facebook: "Eff you, Willamette Week. How many people on your staff grew up here? It's not just about not liking change. It's about not wanting to be displaced from your home, family and support system."

Nicole Johnson-Jones, via Facebook: "East Portland left in the dust. We're lucky if we get fixed roads. Anything east of 92nd should turn into Gresham, at least then maybe some things would change."

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