Powell's Books has some recommended reading for the Tweeter-in-Chief.

Powell's today released a "Presidential Reading List": 10 books each for President-elect Donald Trump and departing President Barack Obama.

And the Portland bookstore will be mailing copies of the books to both Trump and Obama. Among Trump's gifts: a copy of Nike founder Phil Knight's memoir Shoe Dog.

The inauguration gift is a first for Powell's.

"We know [Trump] probably won't read them," says Powell's CEO Miriam Sontz. "He's a known non-reader."

Shipment of books for President-Elect Donald Trump (Powell’s)
Shipment of books for President-Elect Donald Trump (Powell’s)

Sontz says the idea started with the idea of sending recommended books to Obama.

"We thought we would complement that with a gift for the incoming president as well," says Sontz.

Powell's received several thousand suggestions for each list from staff and customers—and a committee of 5 or 6, including Sontz, made the final selections.

"It's an interesting exercise," says Sontz, "asking what do you think this man needs to know or understand, what people feel is the important conversation."

The Trump reading list reflects many of the fears voiced about the incoming presidency. It includes books about the demands of political leadership, the toll of war on veterans, climate change, and the experiences of African-Americans and single women.

The full list is here.

Knight's memoir was suggested by a Portland customer named Karla.

"Shoe Dog, the memoir by Nike founder Phil Knight, is a fun read about building a company from the ground up," Karla explains. "It shows what positive things can be done with success."