A recent Saturday night at Underdog Sports Bar (2100 NW Glisan St.) was like stepping into a 1980s strip club. Madonna's "Like a Virgin" blared over the sound of pool balls colliding while a 22-year-old in white stripper heels and matching booty shorts sidled up to the bartop. A middle-aged man in a business suit, accompanied by a thin, attractive woman, shot pool and sipped an orange cocktail out of a martini glass. Frat boys moseyed in and out, commenting on the soundtrack as the Eagles crooned "Hotel California." The fellas stayed just long enough to introduce themselves to a cocktail server in a black-and-white-striped referee top with a slit low enough to expose some cleavage. Oddly enough, the food menu at Underdog is made up almost entirely of Zenner's sausages and Lebanese soups or wraps. The cocktail server was kind enough to offer pizzas in addition to the regular menu, as the owner of Underdog is also the owner of Silver Dollar Saloon Pizza across the street. Thankfully, there was no obligation to put the tip in her G-string.