In support of the day when we should all swear off disposable shopping bags for good and eat local, here's a crop of Earth Day-centric activities sure to inspire greenitude around town.

Wednesday, April 22

The Human Solution Celebration

Portland Community College's Cascade Campus presents a full day of fun, with workshops and info about supporting community sustainability education, strengthening community ties and celebrating art for the earth.

PCC Cascade Campus Student Center, 705 N Killingsworth St., 978-5193. 11 am. Free.

Earth Day Think & Drink
The Oregon Council for the Humanities wants to have a drink with you. This happy-hour conversation will feature the president of Illahee, a nonprofit forum for environmental innovators, as the moderator of a panel on alternative economies. Smart people with beer will include Brian Rohter, founder and CEO of New Seasons Market, and Mary King, professor of economics at Portland State University.
Rontoms, 600 E Burnside St., 236-4536. 6:30 pm. Free.

Thursday, April 23

Sustainability Tea Time and Craft with Trash

Waste can be useful—and art, too! Bring some found items, craft materials or junk with a second chance, and learn how to make something out of nothing on this crafty reuse day.

PCC Cascade Campus Cafeteria, 705 N Killingsworth St., 977-5193. 2 pm. Free.

Saturday, April 25

The Portland Ecoroof Vendors Fair

Learn everything you need to know about creating a living roof, a paradise over your head, your very own hanging garden of Babylon. Ecoroofs are as green as green gets: less expensive, more beautiful, longer-lasting, better overall for the earth than a conventional roof. Attendees will include designers, developers and homeowners.

Doubletree Hotel at Lloyd Center Exhibition Hall, 1000 NE Multnomah St. 10 am. Free.

Earth Day at Wallace Park
Kids and adults alike can learn about environmental organizations, natural healing practices, and local sustainable businesses all while eating some good grub, and listening to the musical offerings from a great lineup of bands.
Wallace Park, Northwest 25th Avenue and Raleigh Street. 10 am. Free.

Kritter Parade Earth Day Celebration
Habitats Environmental Project invites kids of all ages to dress in animal costumes and roam the streets and frolic in the park during City Repair Project's Earth Day celebration.
Chapman School and Wallace Park, Northwest 25th Avenue and Quimby Street. Earth Day celebration 10 am-7 pm, parade at 1 pm. Free.

100th Monkey Studio Workshop
Morgan Whalen is a Master Recycler, and she wants you to be one, too. Come to her workshop and learn how to create your own crocheted grocery bag and durable reusable travel mug, plus many more artful ways to recycle.
The 100th Monkey Studio. 110 SE 16th Ave., 232-3457. 1 pm. $15.


Earth Day Free PC Giveaway

Green computing is here. Userful Corporation is giving away its PC-sharing software, which turns a single computer into two workstations, saving energy, money and e-waste. Download it for free at