1. Cinco de Lebowski IV: Is it possible that Portland has too many Lebowski-related events? Bagdad. Meet in Laurelhurst Park at 8 pm Friday, May 1.

2. Coraline: Sometimes I ask myself that. Academy, Grand Lodge, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Milwaukie, St. Johns, Valley.

3. Gran Torino: Are we wasting our collective time re-watching a movie about stoners bowling, even if it is a very good movie about stoners bowling? Academy, Bagdad, Edgefield, Grand Lodge, Laurelhurst, Mission, St. Johns, Valley.

4. The Reader: Then a still, small voice comforts me. Academy, Laurelhurst, Mission.

5. Frost/Nixon: "Shut the fuck up, Donnie," it says. Academy, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst.