People need your help. Some of these people work at a newspaper with the initials W.W. Some are regular patrons of Central Library. All have some reason to be on a block of Southwest 10th Avenue where a storefront now sits with papered windows and an "Available" sign.

The leasable site in question used to house a restaurant called Cup of Cheer. Once upon a time, Cup of Cheer served thoughtful, homemade sandwiches, casseroles, salads, baked goods and the like. Sure, the service was slower than George W.'s learning curve, but it had charm and always smelled good. Then the management changed. Nothing seemed homemade anymore. The jolly boho servers all left. If it was possible to be even slower than it used to be, it was. All the regulars started brown-bagging it instead of dropping cash at the Cup of Jeer. The owner finally filed for bankruptcy in February, and the white paper covered the windows thereafter.

Miss Dish and her merry band of grubbers at this fine newspaper want all restaurateurs out there to know that this is a prime eating location. Miss D. spoke with Bodie Bemrose of Norris & Stevens Realtors, which is repping the spot. He told Miss Dish that while this would clearly be an ideal restaurant location, the owner of the building is a tad gun-shy about lame, inexperienced cafeteers who don't pay their bills. Experienced restaurateurs should call Bemrose at 223-3171 to check it out.

To inspire entrepreneurs to come to our rescue, members of the editorial staff have devised some sure-shot genres for the sadly deserted spot:

Miss D (authoress of this column): "I demand a salad shop where they mix fresh greens up in big metal bowls. Caesar, Cobb, Waldorf, all the goodies. Bring it on!"

Philip Dawdy (news reporter on the monkey beat): "A simple French cafe would be damn spanky with me."

Zach Dundas (music editor, sports columnist, all-around good guy): "I would like to see a small bar à la M Bar or Aalto Lounge, maybe not quite so schmancy, to serve us workin' stiffs."

Steffen Silvis (assistant arts editor, theater critic, non-animal eater): "A Fuller's-like diner (with vegan options, naturally)."

John Graham (assistant music editor, optimist): "I think they should make it a goddamn bar. Or at least a greasy-spoon-type estab. This town's got enough fucking 'healthy' places."

John Schrag (news editor, skinny guy from Illinois): "Chicago-style deep-dish or stuffed pizza (sorry, a thick, dry crust does not deep-dish make)."

Nigel Jaquiss (news reporter, former Wall Street hot shot and undercover foodie): "Downtown is seriously lacking in good ethnic food. I'd like to see: (1) Vietnamese; (2) Indian/South Asian; (3) healthy but real Chinese;
(4) Ethiopian; (5) barbecue."

David Walker (film editor, epicure): "A place that serves quality, affordable grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers and regular diner fare."

Mark Zusman (editor, deli man): "Pastrami."