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May 13th, 2009 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Gossip Should Have No Friends


  • TALK ABOUT THE PASSION: Anyone doubting Portland’s place in the music world, listen to this: R.E.M.—one of the best rock bands to come out of the ’80s—has decided to head to town to record its new album with noted producer Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Laura Gibson). The band was in Portland last week to lay down tracks at Jackpot Studios in Southeast Portland. “The band is working quickly, definitely putting feeling over precision, and it sounds amazing,” Martine says of the sessions. “It’s all pretty low key and under the radar. I’m delighted to be taking part.” U2, we’re still waiting your next move.

  • GENERAL GREEN: Portlander DJ Widmer and the six other co-owners of Seven Planet plan to open the city’s first “green general store” in early June—selling everything from DB Clay duct-tape wallets to reusable lunch bags—out of a space at Northwest 4th Avenue and Couch Street they hope will one day be known as Old Town’s “eco-alley.” Seven Planet already has a strong online business in eco-goods, but its sustainable overlords, who include entrepreneurs John Hayden (English, baby!) and wired.MD’s John Freiss, launched its first physical store last summer in tiny Priest River, Idaho. Widmer, who also owns PDX organic clothier Sameunderneath, says the “master plan” is to open anywhere from 28 to 48 stores across the country, with big shops in places like Seattle and San Francisco supporting outposts in rural areas. Sustainable clothing company Green Loop and Tropical Salvage are also slated to share Portland’s new Seven Planet space.

  • DRUNK.COM: Tired of looking all over town for that special bottle of vintage Glenlivet? Not to worry. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission last week launched oregonliquorsearch.com, which allows you to search a list of every kind of alcohol sold in Oregon and also locations where it can be purchased. Searchable by booze type, brand name or liquor store location, the site spits out lists that include the proof, size, price and carriers of the alcohol. It also links you to Google maps, so you can get to your chosen booze store as quickly as humanly possible.

  • CORRECTIONS: Last week’s story “Stamps of Approval” mistakenly featured a photo of Edward Smith Kearney instead of L.P.W. Quimby. Also, in last week’s review of Defunkt Theatre’s production of Cooler, we described Frances Binder as the wife of company artistic co-director James Moore. They are not married. WW regrets the errors.
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