Rachel Taylor Brown,

June 7 @ Mississippi Studios

She just finished an album about superheroes, supervillains and saints. And it's weird and good and totally nerdy. I mean, come on.

Sapient, June 13 @ Rotture
The Sandpeople MC and producer releases the follow-up to last year's excellent Letterhead at one of hip-hop's new Portland homes.

Michael Dean Damron, June 19 @ Dante's
Everyone's favorite Southern import—country-mouthed outlaw poet Michael Dean Damron—plays music from his own new CD, Father's Day.

Cursive, June 24 @ Wonder Ballroom
Sure, Green Day is famous for suburban rock operas these days, but Cursive can write 'em with half as many hooks.

Moondoggies, June 27 @ Lola's Room
Sweet-as-pie vocal harmonies and country-pop licks from one of Seattle's best bands. Goes great with beer!