So where does the notoriously picky

Jerry Seinfeld

eat when he's in town to kill 'em at the Schnitz? Seems like pizza's his game. According to Brian Coffelt (he goes by "Big Brian" because he hovers at 6-foot-4), manager of the Fox Tower Pizza Schmizza at 732 SW Yamhill St., he was working all alone one day when four guys came up to the counter; one was wearing big sunglasses and a baseball hat, but there was something achingly familiar. Incognito man asks for a cheese slice and then answers his cell phone. Big Brian got a better look and then knew for sure it was Jerry Seinfeld. When Big Brian gave Seinfeld his slice of pizza, he said, "Hey, Jerry, if you like the pizza, I've got a pizza box for you to sign." Seinfeld took a few bites and said, "Yeah, this is really good," and proceeded to sign a box.

A customer in line called out to Seinfeld (who, by the way, is a master at shooting down hecklers), "Hey, Jerry, you ought to try Escape from New York Pizza!"

Big Brian quickly retorted, "No pizza for you!" Then he looked for a reaction from Seinfeld, who, according to Big Brian, cracked a grin. Hmmm, maybe it was really a grimace?


Welcome the latest offshoot from the enterprising upstarts at Ripe. Was it enough to offer family dinners, private parties and catering galore? Now they had to go and open the Gotham Bldg. Coffee Shop (2240 N Interstate Ave., 493-2646). Starting this Friday, you can down yummy sannies (they're curing and smoking their own meats) on bread from Ken's Artisan Bakery and slurp on Illy from your mug Monday through Friday from
7 am to 5 pm. Oh yeah, there are sweets from Mandy Groom's Cake shop, too.


Chef Thomas McLaughlin, formerly of Caffe Mingo, has been promoted to the head chef position at Lucy's Table.


Little Wing (529 NW 13th Ave., 228-3101) is celebrating its ninth anniversary with a prix fixe menu on Friday, June 14, and a bit of showing off by some new staff members. New sous chef Jeff Reiter, who worked for Emeril and Wolfgang and Eric Laslow, is on board, as well as new pastry chef Jennifer Slater, who formerly rolled it out at Pavillion Trattoria, Marco's Cafe and Papa Haydn's.


Condolences go out to the family of Trieu Do, co-owner of the Misohapi restaurants, who passed away in a tragic traffic accident Memorial Day weekend. Do, 38, co-owned the restaurants with Hai Nguyen, who is one of the partners in the recently opened El Zaguan restaurant in the Pearl.