Chrissie Hynde

Because she is one badass motherfucker. Listen to all that oozing attitude on the early Pretenders albums, telling us all to fuck off. And her melodies are some of the best out there, forming a new generation of songwriters.

4. Belinda Carlisle
Because I have always loved the Go-Gos, and if that sounds absurd, you should pick up Beauty and the Beat; its not an ironic, kitschy listen—its a GREAT garage band that happened to be a bunch of pretty girls who could sell gobs of records with more than a little help from MTV. And yes, later in life I will do a spread in Playboy.

3. Nina Simone
No, not exactly rock, but she is tougher than all us people and animals combined. And I could never be her. But I wish I were.

2. PJ Harvey
Possibly the closest candidate to being as badass as Simone...but still, different music, different leagues. Rid of Me is the best rock album I have ever laid ears on; way more intense than any metal album. In my humble opinion, that is.

1. Pat Benatar
Though this isnt in any particular order, I still place Benatar at No. 1, simply because I think she would be the most fun to be. I dont even listen to her music, really, but her singles are all great, and while Joan Jett tried so hard to convince us she was tough, I always felt Benatar was tough without having to try. Tuff enuff!


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