3 pm Thursday

You know things are going to get a little randy when you start off a festival with a roots-rock band of self-declared "full-grown men" named the Troublemakers.

Jim Suhler Monkey Beat, 12:45 pm Friday
"It starts out nasty and just gets meaner." —Billboard Magazine

Candye Kane, 7:20 pm Saturday
While this seductive punk-rock blues queen isn't as big as late-'80s-era Etta James (who cancelled her appearance due to health issues), she's got some curves and she knows how to shake 'em. Rawrr!

Harmonica Blow-Off, 9:30 pm Saturday
There's just something sexy about a harmonica blow-off, you know what I'm sayin'?

Bonerama, 9 pm Saturday
From the press release: "And when those Bones start ripping into Hendrix and Led Zeppelin licks, all stylistic bets are off." Delicious!


Waterfront Blues Fest runs Thursday through Sunday at Tom McCall Waterfront Park and other downtown venues. Daily admission is $10 plus two cans of food. Passes and V.I.P. badges available. See for complete list of locations, full schedule and ticket packages.