1. Drag Me to Hell: How's that? Oh, thanks all the same, but I'd rather not drag you to hell. Academy, Bagdad, Laurelhurst, Milwaukie, Mission, St. Johns, Valley.

2. Tyson: I'm sure you're a terrible person and all. Bagdad, Laurelhurst, Mission.

3. Adventureland: But it's been a long day, and the whole crossing into eternal darkness thing sounds like a lot of bother. Laurelhurst.

4. Two Lane Blacktop: Please, stop telling me about the terrible things you've done. Clinton Street Theater.

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Hey, buddy: Shut it! Who does the devil have to blow to get a coffee break around here? Academy, Bagdad, Edgefield, Grand Lodge, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Milwaukie, Mission, Mt. Hood, St. Johns, Valley.