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July 15th, 2009 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Gossip Should Have No Friends

IMAGE: C. Charles Bowden

  • ISLAND HOPPER: We’ve heard rumors for over a year about a new joint record from sound architect Ethan Rose and singer-songwriter Laura Gibson, and this fall the collaboration is finally seeing the light of day. The album represents a new direction for both artists. “I’m really excited to share the record,” Gibson says. “The process was so different than how I normally write—I would just start singing off the top of my head and Ethan would craft something around it.” Last Sunday the duo filmed a video on Sauvie Island, and will perform material from the album Sept. 6 at the Time-Based Art Festival before flying to Japan for an October show.

  • WHAT HO! A MAGAZINE! Now isn’t the obvious time to start publishing a lifestyles magazine…. 1859 might have been a better year. But this week Bend’s Deschutes Media debuted the glossy quarterly 1859. “With people staying close to home, we want them to fall in love with Oregon all over again,” Deschutes Media partner Heather Huston Johnson says. “We want to show them that everything we need is in our own backyard.” Copies can be found at Barnes Noble, Whole Foods and Borders for $4.95 each.

  • EAT, DRINK AND TEA BERRIES: Produce Row Cafe owner Alan Davis has rolled out a beer-and-whiskey pairing menu for drinkers who prefer a snobbier beer back. Wild Turkey and Pabst not good enough for you? How does Buffalo Trace and Hale’s Cream Ale sound? The Bamboo Grove Salon on Southeast Taylor Street has opened a teahouse adjacent to its art gallery, serving a range of traditional and medicinal Chinese teas. Enter the Kenny Zuke’s T-shirt design contest for a chance at having your artwork stretched across the jolly girth of Kenny Zuke’s SandwichWorks employees, and win one free sandwich every week for a year. Entries due to catering@kennyandzukes.com in PDF or JPEG format by July 31.

  • SOME DAYS SOON: Matt McCormick—experimental-film maven, Peripheral Produce founder and Shins video wizard—reports that he’s just about finished post-production work on his first feature film, the Carrie Brownstein and James Mercer romantic meditation Some Days Are Better Than Others. “We just got our website launched, and hope to be premiering the film this fall at some fancy international film festivals,” McCormick wrote to WW on Wednesday. Which fancy festivals he’s hoping for are still under wraps, but the movie has a handsome, moody website: somedaysthemovie.com.

  • HIM, HER AND FURR: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel made the celebrity gossip webpages this week when the much-discussed couple was spotted by a photographer Sunday night at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl. Why should you care? You probably shouldn’t, but the show they were attending featured Portland’s own Blitzen Trapper as its opening act.
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