[TECHNO] This Thursday marks the first Portland set from DJ-producer Joee Irwin since his move from the Rose City to New York City last September. Known nationally for his blog posts on iheartcomix.com and Palms Out Sounds, and locally for his frequent gigs at Branx, Tube and Holocene before his departure, Irwin will mix a hypnotizing blend of house and techno during his Fubar appearance. [i]WW[/i] recently asked Irwin about the differences between Portland and the Big Apple. "The fact there's so much involved in just surviving in [NYC] means people feel the need to release a lot more and to really go out, kick the shit out of the weekend and win. When I lived in Portland I was almost more motivated than the city was.... The other day, my friend was like, 'How are you so laid back?' In my entire life no one has ever called me laid back. Ever."


Joee Irwin spins at Branx on Thursday, Aug. 6, with Bryan Zentz and Pipedream. 10 pm. $3. Read the complete interview at localcut.com.