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September 16th, 2009 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Gossip Should Have No Friends


  • BEAT TWEET: Don’t wanna miss Sunny Day Real Estate at MusicfestNW but loath to leave your perch at the Roseland waiting for Bad Brains? Dying to know how that whole Mariachi El Bronx/The Bronx thing turned out but not willing to bike your ass over to the Wonder Ballroom to see? We’ve got you covered. The MFNW crew will be Tweeting updates throughout the fest, to alert you when clubs are getting crowded or when a band is playing a particularly mind-blowing set, among other helpful details, all weekend long. Follow twitter.com/MUSICFESTNW for all the info.

  • BREAKOUT BOY: Local singer-songwriter-performance artist Holcombe Waller will premiere a musical he wrote with San Francisco writer, director and choreographer Joe Goode at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach playhouse Oct. 9. Waller says Dead Boys takes place in an apartment building in San Francisco inhabited by “a tightly woven threesome of friends and graduate students on the top floor, a bondage-oriented bear couple on the middle floor, and a vivacious mediumistic channel [sic]in the garden apartment.” Waller says the collaboration came about after he received a Regional Arts and Culture grant to study with Goode in 2007.

  • NAME THE FUCKER: Did Starfucker’s Josh Hodges sell out? That’s the question a lot of people are posing after last week’s announcement that the dance-pop outfit—originally a solo vehicle for Hodges but now a full-fledged quartet—is changing its name (via a fan contest, no less) to something more kid-friendly at the end of the month. The decision came after a year of debating a switch, and was cemented after Hodges received interest from “the coolest label in the world” and the band lost a national tour opening for Passion Pit because of the expletive in its name. “I don’t really care,” Hodges says about being labeled a sellout. “I’d rather be eating dinner and paying rent than being cool, you know?” Email your name suggestions or comments to newnameideas@gmail.com.

  • HEAT WAVE: One unscheduled performance that took place during PICA’s Time Based Art Festival was spurred by last Friday’s 94-degree sun blast. A crowd of 160 sweaty, headphone-wearing audience members sat hip-to-hip on Pioneer Courthouse Square’s uncomfortable brick steps for Back to Back Theater’s Small Metal Objects, which was performed in the midst of the Square’s oblivious passersby. But when the midday sun bearing down and the heat rising off the bricks became almost too much, fellow audience member and Pink Martini bandleader Thomas Lauderdale came to the rescue, instructing people in the crowd in the art of paper hat-making. To read more about individual TBA shows and experiences, visit wweek.com/TBA.
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