Jerkin With JHawk
Jhawk is a 17-year-old L.A. producer making some of the best jerkin' music (jerkin'/skinny-jeans movement).

Various MP3s from Lil' B, a.k.a. The BasedGod
Dude from Bay Area rap group the Pack—solo stuff, lo-fi stream-of-consciousness. Totally fucked up and weird. Rawest ever? One hundred and twenty-five MySpace music accounts with six songs each in the last year! Crazy!!

"ApE CHAiNS" by Kay
I have no idea. It's good, though.

Neil Young!
Downloaded The Complete Joel Bernstein Tapes: Acoustic Soundboards, November 1976. A bunch of live, acoustic Neil. Feels good going down.

Jay-Z, The Blueprint III
Not feeling much of this. It's too comfortable. He's too comfortable. And "Death of Auto-Tune" is the lamest grandpa move ever. I like the thick Timbaland beat of "Off That."


Adam Forkner's White Rainbow plays Friday, Sept. 25, at the Artistery and Rotture.