1. Boogie Nights: Do these characters have a name? Laurelhurst.

2. The Hurt Locker: The guy's name is Brock Landers. Academy, Laurelhurst, Valley.

3. Humpday: And his partner is Chest Rockwell. Laurelhurst.

4. Ingredients: Those are some great names. Bagdad. 7 pm Friday, Sept. 25.

5. Paper Heart: I don't have a punchline this week. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if maybe this whole stream-of-consciousness thing has played itself out. At a certain point, wouldn't some actual information be more useful in this space? I don't know anymore. I just know there are so many movies, and sometimes at 4 pm on Tuesdays I just want to curl up into a little ball and cry silently to myself, while thinking about how at one point I really liked Boogie Nights, and how it once made me think that cinema had the potential to change my life. Which it did, in a way. Laurelhurst.