1. The Hangover: Has the Zach Galifianakis backlash started yet? Academy, Bagdad, Edgefield, Grand Lodge, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Milwaukie, Mission, St. Johns, Valley.

2. The Hurt Locker: Because it's going to happen any minute now. Dude's been in like 45 movies this summer, plus that HBO show about sad detectives. Academy, Laurelhurst.

3. Dressed to Kill: This is one backlash I don't want to miss. Laurelhurst.

4. It Might Get Loud: I've got some really cutting beard jokes prepared. Academy, Laurelhurst.

5. Funny People: "Hey, Zach Galifianakis, is that your beard or did one of Jerry Bruckheimer's gerbils get stuck on your face?" Backlashed! Academy, Bagdad, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Mission.