At first, we were scared. The completely re-imagined and reconstructed version of Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi Ave., 288-3895) that opened in March looked nothing like the living room-sized venue of the same name that preceded it. But after settling in these past seven months, we've really come to love the place. The floor space is intimate and cozy, the upstairs balcony feels more like a vintage film theater than a new rock club, and the sound is as spot-on for solo acoustic artists as it is for full bands. But there's another side to Mississippi Studios (literally!) that gives it the feel of a neighborhood destination: The cozy front side of the club is separated from the show area by a garage door and a bar. But even when the sliding door is closed, one can see and hear music while sipping on a whiskey ginger ($7.50) or snacking on amazing pizza bread ($5.50 with ham and salami). So even if the evening's entertainment isn't quite worth your cash, you can usually eavesdrop a bit and chat with friends without interrupting other folks' show-going experience. And trust us, in a club this intimate, the last thing you want to do is talk over the band. No, seriously, I'm talking to you. Shut up.