5. The Time Traveler's Wife: Is it really cheating if you go back in time to fuck a younger, hotter version of your spouse? Milwaukie, Mt. Hood, Valley.

1. Moon: This is a very important question for the time traveler's wife. Academy, Laurelhurst, Living Room, Mission, Valley.

2. District 9: I discussed it in my original review. But I never resolved it. Academy, Bagdad, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Milwaukie, Mission, Valley.

3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Short answer: Yes. Academy, Bagdad, Grand Lodge, Kennedy School, Milwaukie, St. Johns, Valley.

4. 9: Long answer: Do you care if you're going to get caught? Because you're definitely going to get caught. Think about it. Academy, Laurelhust, Valley.