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October 28th, 2009 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Gossip Should Have No Friends


  • RADIO GAGA: Call it local radio’s Black Friday. KUFO 101.1-FM’s morning crew—Rick Emerson, Sarah X. Dylan, Tim Riley and Greg Nibler—as well as the station’s afternoon duo, Cort Fatboy, were all fired last Friday afternoon. Earlier in the week Alpha Broadcasting, which bought the radio station in August, replaced KUFO programming director Chris Patyk with a San Diego “afternoon drive personality” called Ditch. Although fans call foul, KUFO Director of Marketing Promotion Susan Reynolds says low ratings spurred the bloodletting. However, she would not confirm rumors that Jägermeister- and Pam Anderson-lovin’ KISW 99.9-FM “Rock of Seattle” personality Ricker had been hired by KUFO to replace the geeky Emerson crew. “What I can tell you is that the station is a rock station and will continue to be a rock station,” Reynolds told Scoop. Right now that translates to a recorded loop on 101.1 of a robot voice, noting that the “mothership must refuel,” counting down to 7 am this morning since this past weekend.

  • KEN’S FRENCH CLASS: Local filmmaker Heather Harlow’s Nous Deux Encorekeeps picking up awards: Portland International Film Festival audiences voted it the best short film in February, and now NW Film and Video Festival judge Kenneth Turan (the LA Times film critic) has bestowed his Best of Show prize on the 17-minute documentary, calling it “a truly, madly, deeply moving love story.” Decide for yourself: The movie, a chronicle of 80-year-old retired French TV reporter Maxie Leoussis’ love for her late husband, screens at the festival at 7 pm Friday, Nov. 6. See nwfilm.org for details.

  • SOUND SITE: Journalism isn’t dead. At least online. That’s part of the thinking behind a new Web venture that aims to be a one-stop destination for local music. Oregon Music News (oregonmusicnews.com) is the brainchild of writer Tom D’Antoni, a longtime reporter-producer on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat who wanted to make a comprehensive website that covers everything from rock, dance, jazz, and indie to classical. “Oregon Music News exists because there is no longer one source for news and information about music in Oregon,” D’Antoni writes on the site. Huh. Anyway, still looking to expand, OMN already has one thing going for it: an editorial intern.

  • CALLING ALL TWILIGHT MOMS: Desperate to get an early look at the not-actually-shot-in-Portland Twilight sequel New Moon? Of course you are. WW Screen Editor Aaron Mesh has exactly one extra ticket for the sneak-preview screening on Wednesday, Nov. 18. He is willing to give that seat to the reader who comes to WW World Headquarters (2220 NW Quimby St.) and performs the best reenactment of a scene from the first film. (Bonus points for the inclusion of restless leg syndrome.) The rest of you will get your glimpse of the werewolves and Vancouver, B.C., scenery two whole days later, on Nov. 20.
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