The Ash Street Saloon (225 SW Ash St., 226-0430)—which turns 15 this week—is one of the most oft-overlooked venues in town, and that's never seemed quite right. It might be because it's sort of hidden away in the alley of its namesake, near a parking lot and some bland-to-douchey bars. But once you enter the Ash Street—and show your I.D. to the chill dude out front—it's some pretty comfy digs. The club, which is split into two main rooms, features a no-frills full bar side with ample room to shoot the shit with friends, and a venue space that's competitive with other mid-sized Portland clubs in both size and sound quality. The system there can handle everything from screeching metal to booming hip-hop, with a stage that—in contrast to the unfortunate architecture that plagues a lot of downtown venues—is easily visible from just about anywhere on the dance floor. Granted, the bathroom situation is a little sketchy (I always feel like I'm going to be mugged in the little canyon where the lottery and toilets are located) and the whole place feels kind of like a cave, but last I checked, rock clubs weren't supposed to be beautiful, they were just supposed to…rock. Happy birthday, Ash Street!