Neil Goldschmidt

"What other job pays you to fall in love with children every day of the week, knowing you left a little something behind to comfort and encourage them?" asked Goldschmidt in a 1990 farewell speech after abandoning his bid for re-election as governor. He was leaving the race for fear of being exposed for sexually abusing his 14-year-old babysitter from 1973 to 1978, while he was mayor.

Connie McCready
"I have crises right up to my armpits,"
lamented McCready, just a few months into her brief, off-balance stint as mayor.

Frank Ivancie
"I am not going to support homos in firehouses,"
ranted Ivancie in 1974, while still a city commissioner, in response to a proposed 1974 resolution to ban discrimination against homosexuals in city hiring practices.

Bud Clark
"Mildred Schwab could only have an orgasm at budget time,"
Clark told Tom Brokaw in 1986 over beers at his Goose Hollow Inn, describing a city commissioner with a tightfisted reputation.

Vera Katz
"It's the best bad marriage I ever had,"
said Katz in 2002 of her sniping rapport with Sam Adams, her chief of staff at the time.

Tom Potter
"I am irrelevant,"
proclaimed Potter, before walking out of an Oct. 25, 2007, meeting with the City Council. He still had 14 months remaining in his term

Sam Adams
"He was looking for a mentor. I tried to be both prudent and useful to him,"
said Adams, denying allegations of a sexual relationship with barely-18-year-old Beau Breedlove during his 2007 mayoral campaign. He was lying.