This is in response to your publication's hit-piece on Michael Ruppert, your so-called "Rogue of the Week," published on Oct. 21, 2009.

This BOLI decision was handed down by the commissioner, acting as the final "judge," without him ever laying eyes on a single witness or hearing any testimony. The commissioner then took it upon himself to make several erroneous statements to the press, falsely claiming that Mr. Ruppert was personally responsible for this judgment when, by the terms of the very order the commissioner signed, Mike Ruppert is not even the named defendant in the case and Ruppert has no personal liability for paying this award. The commissioner's actions and erroneous press statements were extremely harmful to Mr. Ruppert, being made as distribution talks were underway for Chris Smith's critically acclaimed documentary film, CoLLapse, which features Mike Ruppert and is based upon Mike's new book, A Presidential Energy Policy: Twenty-five Points Addressing the Siamese Twins of Energy and Money.

We believe that the process of BOLI acting as investigator, prosecutor, judge, and attempted collection agent is a fundamentally unfair process that is terribly biased against small business owners across the State of Oregon. The commissioner's final order was a rubber-stamp of an A.L.J'.s proposed order that is riddled with bad evidentiary rulings, factual errors and legal errors.

Your readers deserve a more fair and complete representation of this case. Please visit for more details.

Wesley T. Miller,
attorney for Michael C. Ruppert