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RADIO GLUG-GLUG: Northeast Alberta Street's glitzy Radio Room had a rough start last year, but has evolved into a pretty great place to down a flute or eight of Miller Lite on the rooftop patio. And now that it's just too damn cold to drink outside, Radio serves $2.75 wells until midnight on Wednesdays. 1101 NE Alberta St., 287-2346,

DISCOUNT CUTS: All seven Portland Bishops Barbershop locations are selling $100 gift certificates for $75 through Dec. 31. If you, like us, get your hair cut quarterly, that's one free 'do next year. 326 NW 21st Ave., 274-4100, and other locations, see

RAFFLE!: Kitchen Kaboodle is raffling off gift baskets (valued at $200+) weekly through Christmas. Sign up for the kitchen retailer's email newsletter at and take the confirmation email to any Kitchen Kaboodle location to enter.

GET WILD: Fifths of Wild Turkey are discounted by $4 to $20.95 at all Oregon liquor stores.

BUY!: OfficePDX's storefront is no more, but the boutique office-supply purveyor is touching down with a holiday pop-up shop downtown (shared with local printer Egg Press), opening this Saturday. Drop by from 4 to 6 pm opening day for 12 percent off all inventory and free cocktails. (Free cocktails!) 625 SW 4th Ave.,

FREESTYLE: Thuggage's hip-hop satire is so dead on, you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for more Mickey Avalon-type bullshit. MCs Emerson Valentine Lyon and Caws Pobi train their sights on white-boy rappers, and their stream of profane clichés skewer every boasting wankster whose experience with projects is more arts and crafts than Cabrini-Green. The flows are liquid, the subjects are asinine and the show is free. Virgo and Pisces, 500 NW 21st Ave., 517-8855, 8 pm Thursday, Dec. 10. Free.