You shouldn't feel bad if you can't find the Yes and No (20 NW 3rd Ave). With a totally un-Googlable name and nondescript, hidden entrance, the new downtown watering hole—which occupies the space next to Tube formerly home to crusty all-ages club Food Hole—is so new it hasn't changed the name on the marquee by the DJ booth. Outlined by pink and white lights that look like a leftover set from the upcoming Tron reboot, Yes and No is more a long hallway than a proper bar. The space feels cleaned up and more European than Food Hole, but the menu is dirt cheap (PBR tall boys for $2.50, a "meaty ham and cheese" sandwich for $4). The jukebox stays true to the former tenant's punk roots with the Fall and Television in rotation. Compared to the array of douchey bars in the area, Yes and No is a total keeper—if you can find it.