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Why Not Work With What We Already Have?

[Re: “Power to the Pedal,” WW, Feb. 17, 2010:]

Excuse me if I’m not waving my “Build It” sign just yet. I believe that ultimately the answer to increasing bike ridership in this city lies more with political will than with money, and I don’t hear any elected leaders willing to get serious on this issue yet.

Put aside expanding the system, and let’s focus on the miles of so-called bike boulevards we already have in Portland. How about allowing local access only for vehicles on bike boulevards? How about lowering the speed limit by 10 mph on bike boulevards? How about doubling fines for traffic violations on bike boulevards with 50 percent of the proceeds going to bike infrastructure? How about eliminating parking on bike boulevards unless you have purchased a permit with 100 percent of the proceeds going to bike infrastructure? Forget 2030—all these things could be accomplished by 2012. Painting white circles and green squares on roads used primarily by cars does not constitute a bike boulevard.
Brian Horay
Southeast Harold Street

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