At most bars, I'm happy stuffing my face with something fried at the end of the evening. It doesn't matter what, really, as long as it's salty and helps my failed attempts at flirting (is there a better pickup line than "Would you like a mac-and-cheese bite?"). So it's always a pleasant surprise to find a place that serves food that you actually want to order if you're sober. The WorkShop Brewpub (2524 SE Clinton St., 954-1606) offers grub from Smoky Mountain BBQ, and it's a perfect spot to catch the end of a Blazers game. The pork spare ribs ($2 apiece or $5 for three) are rich and delicious, but I'd recommend the Workshop sandwich ($9), a giant heap of smoked pork slathered on a roll with collard greens, marinated red onions and provolone. Paired with a Deschutes Red Chair IPA ($4), it will keep you full—and flirting—all night.