Throw Back The Red Herrings

What a piece of subtle brainwashing is



[March 3, 2010]. I expect this from the corporate mainstream media, not an indie newspaper.

A few specific examples:

First of all, the subtitle. "Hood River, home to...military drones that help kill America's enemies." America's enemies? When did the sovereign nations of Afghanistan or Pakistan declare war on us? Why not: ...military drones that help further illegal wars of aggression?

How many times did author Pitkin hammer home the "global war on terror" phrase? He needs a deprogramming session. There is no war on terror, we have been sold that to keep us happy in latte land. There are growing U.S.-led wars against sovereign nations for control of pipelines, poppies and strategic global positions.

Finally, Pitkin's frequent use of the word "pirate" to describe the Somali activists forced to commit desperate acts to protect their shores from intentional deadly dumping of nuclear waste by the Brits and the Mafia. We are being lied to about that situation as well. Corporate control of the media assures the stories we are fed are red herrings. We are in the age of media brainwash. Language is powerful and writers must be especially vigilant. The stakes are higher than ever.

That said, I was glad WW stepped up to the plate and dealt with this issue. There were some excellent ethical questions raised.

Helen Hill
Bay City