Measures 46 And 47: Not Rocket Science

[Re: "Murmurs," WW, March 10, 2010:] You write that Jesse Cornett tried to justify his lucratively paid opposition to the statewide campaign finance reform measures in 2006 by claiming that Measures 46 and 47 were "'incredibly complex' and would have made it hard to track where money in politics originated." Both statements are false. Measure 46 was one sentence long. Measure 47 was 11 pages of carefully drafted text that was available on the Secretary of State's website for more than 18 months before the vote. If Jesse could not understand it, how can he be expected to perform on the City Council, where the ability to comprehend proposed laws is necessary?

The voters enacted Measure 47. It is not being enforced by Secretary of State Kate Brown or Attorney General John Kroger, thanks to a baseless legal theory. The chief petitioners are suing to require them to enforce the law. We expect a decision from the Oregon Court of Appeals soon.

Dan Meek
Southwest 4th Avenue