Everybody has a weakness. Let's say yours is shuffleboard. You need to play shuffleboard like other people need to have a nightcap, or masturbate. There are plenty of bars where you can relieve this urge—shuffleboard, I mean—but few will enable your addiction with the ardor of Hal's Tavern (1308 SE Morrison St., 232-1259). The recently refurbished watering hole has placed a gleaming, lightly sanded shuffleboard table at the very center of the room, and tallies its weekend tournament standings on a big scoreboard. You will be understood here. And Hal's opens at 7 am, so if you need to slide some pucks—or drink a $3.50 pint of Woodshed Red—before breakfast, no one will judge. This is not a judgmental place: The owners solved complaints about patrons violating the smoking ban by posting the OLCC's warning letter on its front door.