As you may recall, Miss Dish remarked a few weeks back on the evolution of the West End (that stretch of downtown between Southwest 10th Avenue and I-405 and between Burnside and Jefferson streets) and noted the upcoming opening of sleek Zeba as part of the overall buff and shine (yes, Miss Dish is concerned about the dwindling settings Mr. Gus Van Sant can appropriate for his gritty scenes, too). Still, welcome another contender for the title of Miss West End--Momo Lounge.

Momo, at 725 SW 10th Ave., takes over the spot recently left vacant by "Details," a teahouse-cum-bar that, in addition to engaging in a questionable use of quotation marks, never quite found an audience. Owner Craig Harris, who also includes Northeast Sandy Boulevard's Tonic Lounge in his portfolio, has planned a stylish little bar that takes advantage of that spot's sweet little (almost secret) outdoor garden. Momo--named after Harris' dog--will feature DJs and offer both lunch and dinner. Jonah Mezgar is heading up the food brigade at Momo, and he tells Miss Dish to expect inexpensive nibbles (nothing more than $9, most items less) such as Asian-influenced duck egg rolls, pot stickers and barbecued pork. For lunch, grilled sandwiches, hoagies, soups and salads are on the drawing board. Call Momo at 478-9600.


Northeast's Marco's Cafe (3449 NE 24th Ave., 287-8011) has remodeled its dinner menu. The little neighborhood eatery has brought in chef-about-town Dan Spitz to help guide the changes; expect a more seasonal, locally influenced selection. Also, a new wine bar has been added.


Beaverton, represent! A new grill on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway called JoPa has opened its doors at the spot where Paparazzi Pastificio West formerly plied its noodles. Paparazzi's former chef, Joe Rapport, bought the place, did an extensive remodel and promises what he calls Pacific Northwest cuisine with Italian roots dedicated to local farmers (a much better slogan than "When you're here, you're family"). Everything will be made from scratch--from hand-squeezed juice in the cocktails to the bread served with the meal. They claim that one of their desserts called Cup of Lava--an espresso-and-chocolate lava cake baked in a coffee cup and served warm with ice cream on top--is "soon to be famous." Judge for yourself.

4439 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway,


Speaking of quests for fame--the Alameda Baking Company (4727 NE Fremont St.) is attempting to set a Guinness World Record by making the world's largest maple bar on Saturday, Aug. 3. To meet its goal, the maple bar will measure 8 feet by 16 feet and weigh about 250 pounds. They'll start slicing it up and serving it to the public at 10 am.