Braid reissues!

The folks at Polyvinyl Records are my heroes. They've reissued a generous chunk of Illinois emo legends Braid's discography—including The Age of Octeen and the two-part Movie Music compilations—on sweet, sweet vinyl. Beautiful stuff.

Jacques Tardi books from Fantagraphics

Fanta has now published three books by the great French comics author Jacques Tardi. From war stories to hard-boiled noir and psychedelic adventure tales, this guy mastered the graphic novel a good 20 years before the graphic novel caught on.

Kris Kristofferson demos

Leave it to the great Seattle label Light in the Attic to release 16 amazing early Kris Kristofferson demos (Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends) packaged with a 60-page novella with crib notes from Kristofferson himself. Snap!

The Milwaukie Bucks

Now my second favorite NBA team (Vinny Del Negro ruined the Bulls for me). We'll see if they can do anything without Andrew Bogut. Blazers ain't bad, either!


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