Last spring, Willamette Week's Arts and Culture Editor, Kelly Clarke, and I took a break from reviewing restaurants and bars to create a guide to Portland's immense wealth of food artisans, import markets, independent grocers and wine shops. We spent our weekends driving across three counties chasing down tips—a great Thai market on Northeast 110th Avenue, a sausage master in Tigard, a treasure trove of whiskeys downtown—and threw our findings into a list of 80 great places to shop. We thought it was a pretty comprehensive list.

Boy, were we wrong. For this year's Devour, our expanded crew of eaters reviewed so many amazing culinary discoveries that we couldn't fit them all in print (you can read the overflow here on the web). With 121 markets, plus reviews of kitchen-supply stores and coffee roasters, and a guide to just about every farmers market in the region, Devour is twice as useful as before.

But the work's not done yet. Once you've started looking for under-the-radar grocery stores, bakeries and fishmongers, you start to see them everywhere. By the time you read this, we'll already have begun work on the next edition, and we could use your help—if you find a great food artisan or retailer, please send me an email ( and tell me about it.

Until next time, happy eating!

UPDATE: As promised,


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