The Decorette Shop
5338 SE Foster Road, 774-3760,
Making a wedding cake? This Foster-Powell stalwart carries all the chocolate molds, edible toppers, decorating tips, fondant and airbrushes you could possibly need to make your own Cake Wrecks-tribute masterpiece.

F.H. Steinbart
234 SE 12th Ave., 232-8793,
The city's finest wine- and beer-making supplies manufacturer and retailer, in business for almost a century, has been outfitting the DIY boozing set since the ban on homebrewing ended in 1978. Anything you might need to ferment one thing into another, better-tasting thing can be purchased here.

Hawthorne Cutlery and Gifts
3208 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 234-8898,
Whether you need to protect a Japanese village from marauding bandits or simply slay a brisket, Hawthorne Cutlery has the slicing device you require, be it knife, sword or throwing star.

In Good Taste
231 NW 11th Ave., 248-2015,
Smaller and somewhat more thoughtful than its out-of-town competitors, this all-encompassing gourmet store offers cookware, knives, specialty foods, books, classes and plenty of wine.

Kitchen Kaboodle
404 NW 23rd Ave., 241-4040, and other locations,
Portland's response to Williams-Sonoma has enough cute serving dishes, heavy-duty pans and chile-themed textiles to outfit an epicurean's mansion.

Kobos Coffee
2355 NW Vaughn St., 222-2181,
Though something of a lone reed in the retail desert of outer Northwest Portland, this locally owned coffee roaster and purveyor of quality kitchenware makes it worth going out of your way. It's one-stop shopping for kitchen basics, plus coffee, tea and espresso-making equipment. Don't miss the corner devoted to cleaning tools and supplies.

Mirador Community Store
2106 SE Division St., 231-5175,,
Serving the opposite end of the food-fixated spectrum from Kitchen Kaboodle, Mirador stocks a conspicuously Earth-conscious variety of cooking and canning supplies and books, plus plenty of undyed linens and homeopathic tinctures.

Rose's Restaurant Equipment
207 SE Clay St., 233-7450,
It may please your inner Martha to fill your kitchen with miniature tagines and all-edges brownie pans, but when you want to get serious, head for Rose's to pick up three dozen water glasses and an eight-quart mixing bowl. The prices are comfortingly low and the stock features the sort of stuff—high-volume meat grinders and stainless steel carts—you'll never find at Sur La Table.

6306 SW Capitol Highway, 546-3737,
Owned and operated by the saints behind Baker & Spice, SweetWares (located just a few doors down in a Hillsdale strip mall) slings high-end baking supplies that will make flour lovers weak in the knees.