Badbeard's Microroastery
Microroasted traditional espresso blends with a twist from a professional cellist; sold online.

Blue Kangaroo
7901 SE 13th Ave.,756-0224,
Sellwood-based microroaster-retailer.

Portland's oldest roasting company.

Caffe Vita
The Seattle-based roaster will open a shop and roastery in downtown Portland in 2010.

Cellar Door
921 SW 16th Ave., 221-7435,
Microroaster-retailer with a tinkering problem (see

Coava Coffee Roasters
One of Portland's most accomplished young microroasters will open an innovative gallery/tasting room in 2010.

Coffee Bean International,
Portland's largest roaster is little known because it roasts for other brands like Target; that will change when they open a showcase cafe called Public Domain at the end of April.

Courier Coffee
Obsessively fresh microroasted coffee that delivered to your home and local restaurants by bike. Look for a cafe/retail shop…eventually.

2921 NE Killingsworth St.,281-1764 and 1465 NE Prescott, Suite B, 284-1380,
One of the only microroaster-retailers with two cafes; helped pave the way for the recent explosion of coffee roasters.

2211 E Burnside St., 206-6602,
Microroaster-retailer notable for its stunning shop.

K&F Coffee
2706 SE 26th Ave., 238-2547,
Medium-large wholesale roaster with a cafe in the Clinton neighborhood.

200 SW Market St., 221-0418, and 2355 NW Vaughn St., 222-2302,
Medium-large wholesale roaster with retail cafes.

McMenamins, see website for legion McM-bars and McM-cafes.
Yep, they roast their own.

Mudd Works Roastery & Coffeehouse
4237 SW Corbett Ave., 235-6833,
Microroaster-retailer with whimsically named coffees and a new cafe in Southwest Portland.

Oblique Coffee Roasters
3039 SE Stark St., 228-7883,
The restored Victorian building has good bones; so does the coffee.

Nossa Famillia
The only family-direct coffee in Portland is imported from the family farm in Brazil and custom roasted by Kobos.

Portland Roasting
A sustainability-focused large wholesale roaster.

Ristretto Coffee Roasters
3808 N Williams Ave., 288-8667 and 3520 NE 42nd Ave., 284-6767,
The first microroaster to follow Stumptown into the fray, now with two locations.

Schondecken Roasters
6720 SE 16th Ave., 236-8234
Old school microroaster-retailer that keeps it beans in giant bins on the floor.

Spella Caffe
520 SW 5th Ave., 752-0264 and cart on the corner of Southeast 9th Avenue and Alder Street, 752-0428,
Microroaster-retailer featuring traditional Italian-style espresso served from a cart and in a new cafe.

St. Johns Coffee Roasters
Microroaster makes sure St. Johns isn't left out; delivers to your house.

Sterling Coffee Roasters
2120 NW Glisan St., or search on Facebook.
Micro-microroaster (1 pound at a time!) with tony style from the crew behind Coffeehouse NW.

128 SW 3rd Ave., 295-6144; 1022 SW Stark St., 224-9060; 3356 SE Belmont St., 232-8889; 4525 SE Division St., 230-7702,, see website for out of state locations.
The wunderkind that started it all has taken on Seattle and New York. Next: Amsterdam?

Trailhead Coffee Roasters
Microroaster-retailer specializing in coffees from women's co-op Cafe Feminino and delivered to local grocers by bike.

Water Avenue Coffee Company
A former Stumptown roaster and the man behind the American Barista School bring you Portland's newest microroasting-retail operation; opening a cafe in spring 2010.

World Cup Roasting
1740 NW Glisan St., 228-5503,
You know them from the Powell's cafe, but this medium-sized roaster has other cafes and sells to offices.

Microroaster whose coffees are available at a few shops and markets around town.