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May 5th, 2010 12:00 am WW Editorial Staff | Scoop

Gossip More Crude Than A Gulf Coast Oil Spill.


  • NO AGE: In news that’s not all that surprising but still discouraging, yet another all-ages club in town is set to close. The Parlour (2628 SE Powell Blvd., 512-9789, parlourpdx.com)—Portland’s only mustachioed music venue—is likely closing its doors at the end of May, if not sooner, according to booker Mike Harper. Fans of local music can show their support Thursday, May 6, when the Parlour hosts a benefit show with local acts Your Canvas and Soap Collectors. Doors open at 7 pm and all donations go straight to the venue.

  • DEWITT IN DE MOVIES: WW broke the news last week that Portland writer Patrick DeWitt—whose first novel, Ablutions, garnered glowing reviews—has written a script for a movie slated to include John C. Reilly. DeWitt’s dark teenage screenplay, Terri, is in pre-production to shoot this summer in Los Angeles, with Momma’s Man filmmaker Azazel Jacobs directing. Reilly, the Paul Thomas Anderson ensemble actor known for comedy turns in movies like Talladega Nights, is in talks to play “a sympathetic vice principal” at the hero’s middle school. Casting for the teenage roles is taking place in L.A., and the movie begins shooting in July. “Aza’s been sending me the auditions. I could never work in casting,” DeWitt tells WW. I find myself rooting for every actor. Life is so sheer for young people. Everything is life or death for them, you know?” IMAGE: Danny Palmerlee

  • OREGON TRAILED: The Old West returns to upper Division in early June, when the Landmark Saloon opens in the space last home to wine bar-gift shop hybrid Oscar Albert. “It’s like a mix of Western and Oregon history, ” explains former Nordic guitarist Tim Hawk, who is opening the country-twanged watering hole with girlfriend and bandmate Erica Nukaya and designer Marc Curtis. “We have a whole room that we’re [decorating] with Pendleton blankets.” The trio is set on curating the mood, from playing their own classic country records (“Merle Haggard, George Jones, Ernest Tubbs and all kind of stuff”) and serving “healthy bar food” like barbecued-veggie sandwiches to pasting the walls with the kind of Victorian wallpaper Hawk says he remembers seeing in saloons on Bonanza.

  • BMG 2.0: Looking for an in to the local experimental-music scene? Yeti magazine publisher Mike McGonigal is starting a new subscription service, curating a monthly selection of the finest oddball music from Portland and beyond. The Social Music Record and Tape Club will send out 10 slices of vinyl (or 10 cassette tapes) plus two mix CDs featuring new music from Explode Into Colors, Grouper, the Bats, Ty Segal and Miracles Club. Go to socialmusicrecords.com for subscription details.

  • D’OH! In a moment of wishful thinking in our last issue, Ben Waterhouse attributed The Young Man From Atlanta, currently in production by Profile Theatre, to Thornton Wilder. The play is, in fact, by Horton Foote, which is why it makes no sense. We regret the error.

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