You laughed, didn't you, when you heard there was an oatmeal cart? Grilled cheese, french fries, waffles—these are things you can accept in cart form, but oatmeal?! Come on, you say, oatmeal costs less than dirt! This is iron-clad proof that Portland's cart culture is out of control. Well, until you've tasted a cup of Peanut Butter Banana Dreams at Bloop, we're going to have to ask you to shut your oat-hole. That rib-sticking concoction (which features, in addition to its namesake ingredients, a generous portion of almonds, a sweet-'n'-sticky cinnamon sauce and an "agave drizzle"—which sounds like something Snoop Dogg might enjoy) is the finest bowl of oatmeal outside of the oatmeal brûlée at Gravy. What's more, the whole $4.75 coffee cup of oaty goodness is vegan, and even a dedicated dairy hound like myself didn't notice. (Almond milk, who'd a thought?) Now, before you bicker over spending five bucks on something that's been sitting in tiny unopened packages on top of your refrigerator for the past five years, consider that Bloop actually rolls its own oats. I don't know what that means, not having grown up on the set of Little House on the Prairie, but I'm pretty sure it's special. If you can get to Bloop during the three hours each weekday morning that it's actually open, you can put a little of that specialness inside of you.

  • Best bite: The rich, chunky Peanut Butter Banana Dreams cup, though the Apple Cider cup is a close second.
  • Cheapest bite: Plain, straight-up oatmeal with bananas, apples or raisins ($3.50).