wweek.com Readers Speak On… “The Reed Crash,” May 5, 2010

"Count me as one huge supporter of Reed College. As a longtime staff member, I know how hard the students, the faculty, and staff work to fulfill its academic mission.… Well before Holton and Shrunk [sic] decided to publicly focus their efforts on Reed, my colleagues were dedicated to ensuring a repeat of the past did not occur. As a parent, I am most pleased to know that the college dedicates a comparatively large percentage of its resources on education and counseling and tries hard not to facilitate a relationship between its students and law enforcement. The data clearly indicates that that encounter will not create the overall change we desire. " — "Mike Teskey"

"…I went to an elite little school full of smart people of all stripes. There were a few people with drug problems, pot and hallucinogens, mostly, who were on the sixth attempt to finish their music degree while spending most of their time with a bong. No one died, and drug use was widespread but discreet. Why? Because it was in Oberlin, Ohio, where the restaurants were dry on Sundays, and the cops still wore cowboy hats, and where the town populace, almost half African-American, and sporting a goodly contingent of Amish, consisted of farmers, unemployed steelworkers, musicians, dreamers, professors, and college employees, and these folks were generally pretty middle of the road on most things. Translation: If Reed were in Ohio, Reed would be fine. As it is, Reed is in Portland, liberal dystopia of the universe, and has grown an ugly subculture of self-destruction within its shining towers, to perfectly reflect the larger social landscape. Also, Ohio has four seasons; woodpeckers are your alarm clocks; spring bursts from the snow like a carnival; fall is fiery and resplendent, and no one has to find ways to cope with the depression-making drizzle of the Pacific Northwest." —"gaye harris"

"So criticizing Reed College's institutional permissiveness amounts to 'blocking the path of intellectual progress'? Oh, the arrogance. While I am not 100% impressed with [James] Pitkin, Reedies are not helping their cause. The school's elitism got itself into this mess in the first place." — "Do Not Heed Reed"

"What elitism?…. My wife decided to go there, in part, because Reedies didn't call the residents of Portland "townies" like they do at most similar schools—along with the academics, emphasis on personal freedom, oddities, etc.… I did not visit other schools…but my wife did, and she was impressed by the way Reed students seemed to really enjoy the city in which they were living, and not to have an us vs. them mentality.… You will find some students who are elitist, probably, but there are assholes in every crowd, and certainly not more at Reed than an average crowd of humans. " —"Matt Ethridge"