wweek.com Readers Speak On… “A Stitch And Time,” May 12, 2010

"Beth, I find it strange that you use the words poke and poking instead of the words stab and stabbing in your article. He stabbed a guy, he did not poke a guy. Prison sucks and if this slanted view of the facts is really the correct story of the fight, then yes it sucks for the kid. However if he is the GREAT person this article would have us believe then perhaps this will be a huge wake-up call for him. A chance for him to fully direct his life and actions and to reevaluate those around him. Eighteen months is a drop in the bucket to get a second chance. " —JesseJ

"… If someone has you pinned down on your back, you are most likely not going to be able to stab them in the stomach. If they're that close, and you're on the ground, I don't think it's going to be quite as easy to draw your arm back to stab someone with a thrust as it would to swing your arm around behind them, and very easily stab them in the back.

How is self-defense a felony?

I'm on the fence as to whether I believe the story that he didn't know a drug deal was about to take place...could go either way there. But has anyone else [who] was there said he was also there to buy drugs? The others have confessed to this. And the guy who WAS there to sell drugs, and also shot a freaking gun, only got 10 days! Something is seriously wrong with this ruling!" —Dawn

I have known Judge Lopez since 1982 and we served on the Oregon State Bar Board of Governors together for four years. Judge Lopez spearheaded the Bar's effort to break down racial barriers and increase diversity in the Oregon State Bar. The…article regarding Harun Mustafa seems to imply that Judge Lopez made racially based assumptions about the defendant in the trial. While I applaud the efforts of Jyothi Pulla for her advocacy for Mr. Mustafa, I am absolutely sure that Judge Lopez did not let any improper considerations enter into his decision.

It is interesting that another minority Judge, Ken Walker, also came from Compton…and is about the same age as Judge Lopez. Both Judge Lopez and Judge Walker are outstanding examples of what hard work and merit can [achieve] regardless of race." —John Tyner

"[I've worked] with young offenders and young adults for almost 20 years. It is not hard to see and understand that this is a person-to-person crime and Oregon has voted to send people to prison rather than work with [them] to not make mistakes like this young man. Instead, as the young man said, it is not a correctional facility but a facility for career criminal making. What a waste, hardworking musicians practicing. Try living in the projects too, while you're at it." —David