Another year, another liver. In April I asked the staff of Willamette Week, along with our freelance writers and a few hard-drinking friends of the paper, to name their favorite bars, taverns and clubs in and around the city. To their collected responses I added a small handful of new and notable public houses, and we—reporters, editors, interns and hangers-on—fanned out across the city to do some drinking. Most of us waited until the night before deadline. This made for some sleepy meetings, but it was worth it—we like these bars an awful lot, and we think you will too.

This year the guide is about as straightforward as it gets: 100 bars, in alphabetical order. The listing for each bar includes the available entertainment, happy hour times and prices and our suggestion for your first order. Hours and prices are, we hope, accurate as of May 19, but bars are capricious. Your experience may vary.

If your favorite bar didn't make the list, please don't assume we don't like it. We may not even know it exists—there are a lot of gin joints (Pabst parlors?) in this town. Send me an email at if you think we should make your favorite one of ours, and we'll check it out. Cheers! — Ben Waterhouse


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