There are places that serve clam chowder, and then there are places that serve a bowl of chowder so HUGE and intimidating that it's listed in all caps on the menu. At Pal's Shanty (4630 NE Sandy Blvd., 288-9732), the gigantic bowl of cream and freshwater bivalves—which, at $9.95, easily serves two people—is almost as big as the lone TV in the corner blasting the NBA playoffs. Despite a dingy sign out front, the joint is more of a restaurant than a proper shanty or even a bar. If you're looking for a good brew, head elsewhere—when I asked what was on tap, the first thing our server mentioned was Budweiser. But if you like your seafood of the fried variety, and can stand paying $4.50 for a Widmer Hefeweizen dispensed from a mysterious wooden structure that looks like a lost Swiss chalet, then this shanty is a good bet.