wweek.com readers speak on… “Cop Out” (may 19, 2010)

"…Saltzman must run for mayor. This could not be better scripted. Sam is toast anyway. Everyone knows it. No one will support him and not because of these most recent antics. They will can him in the election because he lied to get the job of mayor, lied to keep it and has lied repeatedly to the public and press ever since.

They shoot horses don’t they?

Dan is the right guy for the job: even-tempered, cool under pressure, mature, experienced and likable. Sam is an insufferable schmuck and a lousy mayor.

He needs to retire and open a comic-book store...or a wine bar..or a juice bar...or a smoothie trailer, or make panini, or raise bichon frisés, or open a gym, or become a cartographer, or a palm reader, or a men’s room custodian for Portland Public Schools.

..anything but mayor."


"Adams needs to get out of this office and none too soon. Between these police debacles (which he put these folks in their positions), and his constant mismanagement of funds and then lying about them (using sewer money for bike projects while not fixing the actual sewers), and the throwing out of the Beavers baseball team in a very private and special deal for professional soccer (which I'm boycotting). This guy is horrible and I can't WAIT to vote for anyone else—even a rock. Oh yeah - and exactly WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND thinks that a person should be able to wave a knife at you while they're covered in blood, or take actual shots at you, and you don't have the right to defend yourself? There isn't one of you out there that would just let them kill you. I'd defend myself too. If you pull a knife or gun around a cop, you should just expect to end up dead." —slobadov

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won in the category of comprehensive coverage (

Nigel Jaquiss

for Mayor Adams coverage); environmental reporting (Jaquiss, "Corndoggle"); coverage of social issues (

Beth Slovic,

"The Killing in Room 515"); religion and values coverage (

Aaron Mesh,

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Hawk Krall

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James Pitkin,

"To Catch a Stoner"); and education reporting (Slovic, "Left Out").