Bored to death by the same old granola and energy bars? Custom jeweler Lisa Chuman used her eye for detail to create a new take on the familiar snack, and it's been creating buzz at the Beaverton Farmers Market. She calls her tiny company Not Just Another Seedy Bar. And she's right—it isn't. Chuman cranked out scores of test batches and settled on a blend heavy with dried fruit, oats and nuts, bound together with just the right mix of almond butter, honey and brown sugar. They're moist and compact with just enough sweetness, and Chuman's invented two varieties—one is spicy with cayenne and the other is loaded up a bit more with apricots and coconut. "We call the two flavors 'kick' and 'no kick'...someone called the spicy one 'an energy bar with an attitude'...we kinda liked that characterization," Chuman says.


Not Just Another Seedy Bar is at the Beaverton Farmers Market on Saturdays. Price for one bar is $2.25 or 5 for $10. Contact Lisa Chuman at 245-2744.