These days, James Bond has to have motivation for his violent actions and casual seductions. But nearly a half-century ago, a tux-clad Sean Connery just shot at baddies and face-sucked sexy foreign ladies because he was a spy, dammit. From Russia With Love (1963), with its poison-tipped shoe knives, gypsy girl fights and convoluted SPECTRE plot aimed at heating up the Cold War, almost seems like a winking 007 parody. But, then again, those are also the series' charming core competencies. Plus, the opening credits are projected across the body of a belly dancer whose undulating hips and tatas make the 007 logo wobble like Jell-O. Laurelhurst

  • Best paired with: Ninkasi Total Domination IPA.
  • Also showing: Hot Tub Time Machine (Bagdad, Kennedy, Mission, Avalon).