With over 40 brews on tap, it's easy for the non-beer-snob to get intimidated when ordering at Apex (1216 SE Division St., apexbar.com). But if you look closely at the beer list—presented on a flat-screen TV so it looks like the arrivals/departures screen at an airport—you'll notice something labeled "cheap, cold." Yep, Apex has Hamm's on its menu for people who can't tolerate a 10-percent-ABV Hercules Imperial IPA. Feeling a little more adventurous, I tried North Coast's chocolate-y Old Rasputin and Cascade's Spring Gose, which was tart and sweet and tasted a little like rotten cantaloupe. The bar's front patio, which features ample bike parking and a plethora of picnic tables, is perfect for summer gatherings. The only bummer is Apex's cash-only policy, but even that's redeemed by the $2 rebate you get for showing your ATM receipt.