Judge Cannabis Fairly

Your weekly seems to be a bit bipolar this week [June 16, 2010]. Your cover story,

exposes the virtues of hemp and highlights the drug war propaganda that is holding back what I read is "instant jobs." In this economy you are lucky if you can get instant potatoes let alone instant jobs! In short an amazing article.

Then you publish a letter to the editor by a doctor citing studies that are now being called into question by the scientific community. The same country she cited, the U.K., also did a study that saw no increase in schizophrenia despite exploding cannabis use among young people. In fact the U.K. has one of the largest populations of cannabis users per capita, along with the U.S. Schizophrenia was even found to be on the decline in the U.K.! I hope one day soon all species of cannabis will be judged fairly and used to help humanity instead of more politics and propaganda.

Christopher George Hughes
Southwest Raab Road

CORRECTION: WW incorrectly reported the bill number last week in "Taxed Message." The correct bill number is HR 4213. WW regrets the error.